Research methods and analysis tools

Ecorys was the first research and consultancy company operating in this field of expertise. We have an extensive set of training modules related to research based consultancy skills which we can adopt for specific area’s of policy application like: Cost Benefit Analysis, Impact Assessments, Public Finance Management, Mid/End Term reviews and evaluations and Process Cycle Management courses.

Capacity Development & Technical Assistance training support

We provide training support for cooperation and development programs of all major donor organisations. Further more we have assisted many of the new assistant EU states in their preparation to comply to EU standards and regulations. To mention a few of our projects: Instrument for Pre-Accession training for the National Agency in Ankara; Decentralisation project in Albania; Technical Assistance to regional development agencies in Kosovo; MATRA training in EU Instrument of Precession (IPA) and Structural Funds and numerous other projects.

Program specific policy implementation Support

We understand that different organisations have different experiences, cultures and needs. We develop our training courses according the needs and the requirement of the organizations, institutions and governments.

We have a track record in localizing and tailoring courses to the requirements of specific countries and regions. We have a reputation on ‘soft skills development’, like presentation and debating techniques, communication techniques and (European) negotiation techniques. Recently training courses in these fields were implemented in Pristine (Kosovo), Belgrade (Serbia), Ankara (Turkey) and at the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna (Austria).

EU-related courses

Due to our long lasting relation with the EU, we also provide EU related courses like EU funds management, EU study tours and EU decision making and negotiation techniques.